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Practice plan for wireless binding products

cover tape

for the cover, it is allowed to cover the entire length from head to toe with tape. If the spine length of the book sticker is 111/2 inch (292.1mm), the length of the book cover is at least 113/4 inch (298.4 mm). Locate the center position and place the axial cloth, C cloth and solid foam sandwich composite, with the head and feet exceeding 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) respectively. When the size of the cover is the same as that of the book sticker, the wireless binding operator must use a mechanical timing scraper when gluing the book and the side to prevent the glue on the working wheel from flowing out during operation, which will reduce the production speed and quality

design instructions for wireless binding cover

make the silk bar parallel to the direction of the spine as far as possible

to obtain high-quality products, make book indentation on the die-cutting machine

for thin books, avoid using thick cover (≥ 10pt)

ink for inner front seal, glazing and UV coating should not enter the indentation of the book, and the distance from the spine should be greater than 1/16 inch (1.6mm)

keep the ink and layer of the book sticker away from the edge of the spine

it is required to have the mouth of the printer and side guide marks on the cover sample

Book paste preparation

pierce the spine and head of the book paste. This is a topic hole that a hundred schools of thought contend for, so as to release the air superimposed in the page. Then, the press plate sticks these books together and presses them as tightly as possible. This method is very important for book stacking. Do not cross place the book stickers in the opposite direction when resuming the paper at a time, but place them in the same direction. Use molds with opposite curvature (e.g. concave and convex) to work together in a book. A good wireless binding needs to clamp the book tightly together before binding with the cover, and then press and rubber wheel. If it is not clamped tightly, the glue may expand between the book stickers. Once the book sticker is not in line with the habit when it is unfolded, the living piece will have a problem

Book insert folding

insert folding, half seal folding, roll folding, etc., the requirements for cutting blank are all 1/8 inch (3.2 mm), so the folding does not need to be glued, and 1/8 inch reservation should be given, so this folding cannot be aligned with the whole page of the book. If the reservation is too small, it will limit the operation ability of wireless binding personnel. For example, it will be difficult to do cross page positioning. Similarly, for the inner back cover of the bound booklet, it is also necessary to leave a 1/8 inch ceiling and a blank space in the layout. The best way is to confirm with the bookbinder to ensure that all the folds in the booklet have the correct size

die cutting

the size of books can be accurately determined by using die cutting method

auxiliary equipment

foldout Mylar produced by DuPont? Equipment, which has the function of labeling between book stickers, but the use of this equipment will increase the cost of wireless binding products. And this staggered label looks very interesting. This kind of machine will only stick marks between the book stickers, but will not print marks on the cover and single page pages. Try to use a variety of post press processing functions (such as die cutting, foil ironing, marking and compression packaging) on binding live parts, so that the working process will be more coordinated and easier to control

compressed packaging

don't be smart in small places and waste in large places. Compressed packaging of books can be used to prevent confusion. If it is a small number of live parts that need refined packaging, the investment of compressing the packaging to a minimum may be the safest


provide the bookbinder with the correct number of live parts to avoid rebinding live parts. If the bundle of books is loose, it is easy to scratch, fold and scratch the cover

Part II: arrange cross page images and double arrangement forms

the arrangement of cross page images for wireless binding requires both skill and science. In addition to the 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) book binding opening reserved, the accurate page spread arrangement also depends on the design and the opening method of the book. In order to maximize the operator's operation flexibility, arrange the page image at 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) away from the edge of the stapling opening. The spread image should appear exactly at the stapling opening. To achieve this effect, the reserved area should be 1/16 inch (1.6mm) shorter. If the book is very thick or printed on thick paper, move the image outward, that is, reserve another 1/32 inch (0.8 mm). If the book is thin, reduce the reserved area of the reservation. Generally, the diagonals of two pages should be close to the boundary line of the visible image

when there is a cross page image between book stickers, the folding accuracy is also a big factor. At this time, if you want to choose a binding factory, all book folding work must be completed by them

double arrangement

the production speed should be doubled. The double wireless binding design can be used for the binding of long version and small size books in the middle of rapid growth. This relative arrangement is a common method. Because many wireless binding machines can't do double wireless binding, we may have to look for this kind of binding equipment. For this rarely used design, you can seek some help

2 (click to see the picture) generally, the size of the cover with a slit is 1/8 inch (3.2mm) smaller than the size of the cover. Therefore, the folding spine line is not aligned. However, if double binding is carried out, this 1/8 inch difference can be avoided. First, bind the pages flush, and then put the sealing bread on the pages and align the head and feet. This will get the first perfect binding products. The page is flush with the cover

other skills

· perforated Book stickers will reduce the wrinkles of the paper and improve the clamping degree between the pages. Only a small gap is needed to punch holes. But it should be enough to release the air in the folder, and it should not be too deep. Too deep will make the pages too loose

· to make the binding stronger, steel for the pressing of concrete--part 4:strand can consider groove wireless binding, so the small serrations created will be stuck on the books of wireless binding. The page factor is that the spine of books with grooves sometimes requires a nail head effect, so the glue edge will be thicker than ordinary books. Experienced wireless binding companies, using the latest binding technology, can get a good binding effect for ordinary wireless binding moving parts

· it is very difficult to get enough page tension when using cover heavyweight paper as body paper. In this case, using the flat binding method for binding will be better and more firm

· to be eye-catching, adhesive tape binding method can be used. Tape binding can show color, firmness and unique effect

· when folding, changing the type of paper will cause confusion, because the paper thickness must be stable in this process to ensure the normal function of the clip and electric sensitive device

· the cost waste caused by some errors is very expensive. For example, if the books with wireless binding are to be changed to horse riding binding, in order not to waste these books, the spine must be cut in half and then put on the horse riding binding machine

finally, as we can see, the difference between the success or failure of wireless binding is only in a small range. If we make a plan before the live parts and communicate with the wireless binder, it will ensure the normal processing of our live parts and increase the chance of success

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