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General fire and explosion prevention measures

(1) places prone to explosion hazards shall be properly marked with no fireworks and no admittance

(2) when engaging in open fire or spark operations through the introduction of equipment and innovative molds in places where explosives are easily caused by fire, measures to remove dangerous substances should be taken first

(3) if there is a risk of explosion caused by static electricity, grounding, humidification or other static electricity removal measures should be taken. Explosion proof electrical appliances should be used in places where there is a risk of explosion

(4) smoking rooms, incineration facilities or other places where fireworks are used should be located in safe places

(5) when working in places where combustible gases are stored, the gas concentration must be measured. If it reaches the lower explosion limit of 30 "%, the work shall be stopped immediately to avoid and prohibit kindling, and ventilation, ventilation and other measures shall be taken

(6) for the treatment equipment and buildings with high melting heat, appropriate measures should be taken to prevent water intrusion or retention in the equipment to prevent water vapor explosion

(7) where high heat slag is treated with water, sufficient water shall be used, and the drainage condition shall be good, and signs shall be set

(8) during the metal feeding operation of the furnace, it should be confirmed that there is no water in the metal material to avoid explosion

(just as the so-called "new materials look at Ningbo" 9) in places where there is ignition substance vapor that may cause explosion, necessary measures such as ventilation, ventilation, dust removal, and static electricity removal should be taken, and the installed machines and tools should not produce sparks or cause explosion

(10) pay attention to the safety of storage and transportation and the use, maintenance and inspection of equipment to prevent gas leakage and explosive gas mixture

(11) improve the ventilation facilities from scratch to prevent the accumulation of too much gas or vapor from causing explosion

(12) using inert gas, controlling the oxygen in the air, and using any flammable gas or liquid mist cannot achieve the explosion level of minimum oxygen

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