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Multinational enterprises basically monopolize the high-end market of forage harvesting

the animal husbandry branch of China Association of agricultural mechanization recently held the first forage (forage) harvesting machinery development forum in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Wang Tianchen, Secretary General of China Association of agricultural mechanization, believes that as animal husbandry enters the critical stage of transformation and upgrading, the slowdown in the consumption of livestock products has made the contradiction between supply and demand of livestock products more prominent, posing a huge challenge to the traditional breeding methods. Since the implementation of the "grain to feed" policy, the corn planting area has been reduced by 35 million mu in two years, basically replaced by silage corn, which brings opportunities for the development of animal husbandry machinery industry, but also brings more severe challenges

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, accelerating the development of animal husbandry is one of the priorities of China's agricultural structure adjustment. The brightness change policy of "changing grain to feed" and then evaluating the designated location has been written into the No. 1 central document for three consecutive years. In 2015, the central government subsidized 300million yuan to start the pilot of changing grain to feed in 30 counties in 10 provinces and regions. In 2016, the pilot scope was expanded to 121 counties in 17 provinces and regions, and the subsidy fund was increased to 1billion yuan. This year, the "grain to feed" policy will continue to be implemented in 17 provinces and regions, and the scale of central financial subsidy funds is expected to continue to expand, with the task area increased to 10million mu. In the "sickle bend" area, the planting of grain corn will continue to be reduced, with emphasis on the development of silage corn and alfalfa, and the implementation of fixed seed and order planting and breeding; The northern farming pastoral ecotone will implement grain reduction and feeding increase, expand the planting area of high-quality forage, rely on forage bases, build high-quality milk source bases, and strengthen forage animal husbandry; In the main corn producing areas of Huang Huai Hai, we will vigorously develop the planting of whole plant silage corn and high-quality forage, with emphasis on dairy farming and dairy product processing

in addition, in recent years, the state has increased subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, which has also effectively promoted the development of China's Forage (forage) harvesting machinery market. In 2016, for the green forage harvester alone, the central purchase subsidy fund reached 142.759 million yuan, and the number of subsidized machines and tools was 2740, with an average subsidy of 52100 yuan for each

at present, the mainstream model of forage (forage) harvesting machinery in the domestic market is self-propelled silage machine, which mainly includes two types: one is reciprocating silage machine, and the representative model is e281 silage machine, which has been eliminated abroad. China introduced this silage harvester in 1978. After more than 30 years of development, it has blossomed everywhere. The advantages of this model are small power loss and low stubble (less than 10 cm). The disadvantage is that the operation efficiency and effect of crops with a height of more than 3 meters and high-yield crops are very unsatisfactory, especially the stubble is low, and the soil is easy to enter the silage with the harvest, affecting the quality of the silage. The other is disc silage machine, which is the mainstream model of silage machine in foreign countries. Multinational agricultural machinery enterprises such as Kele harvest, New Holland and John Deere mainly produce this type of machine. The advantages are that the herringbone cutter is used, which can cut evenly and move the cutter. 5. The cushion block with corresponding shape should be adopted for the test piece with complex shape. The force loss is small, the feeding is smooth, and it is not affected by the crop yield and height. The ground is clean after harvesting. 1 There are impurities in the oil filled in the rubber material universal testing machine. These impurities enter the oil cylinder and wear the surface of the oil cylinder and the oil plug, and the gap increases, or the gap is already large due to poor processing accuracy, resulting in oil leakage. In such cases, it is necessary to use oil with high viscosity. If the pressure continues due to oil leakage, it is better to replace the new oil cylinder neatly, especially its unique disc design, so that silage is not easy to mix into zero imported soil and wheat stubble by the end of 2020, It helps to ensure the quality of silage. The disadvantage is that the stubble is high, generally about 20 cm

now multinational agricultural machinery enterprises basically monopolize the domestic high-end market of forage (forage) harvesters. This is because, as consumers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of animal products, large domestic animal husbandry enterprises have strict requirements for the quality of silage, and they are more inclined to buy imported silage machinery with more than 300 horsepower. The price of imported silage machine is high, and the price of a self-propelled silage machine is about 2million yuan, which is not affordable for general small animal husbandry enterprises. Experts believe that the quality and reliability of domestic silage machines are not as good as imported machines, but they can basically meet the needs of domestic small animal husbandry enterprises

now, the rapid development of animal husbandry machinery, especially forage harvesting machinery industry, will attract more and more agricultural machinery enterprises to invest in this market "depression". For many domestic silage machine manufacturing enterprises, they must improve their ideas according to the domestic market demand, learn from foreign advanced technology, strengthen R & D and manufacturing capacity, realize product upgrading, break the monopoly of imported silage machinery on the high-end market, and change the current situation of asymmetric supply and demand of silage machines

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