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Multiple trade barriers are gradually building. How can photovoltaic support enterprises "go global" break through

at present, economic globalization stands at the crossroads of new development. While the economic and trade cooperation between China and other countries has made great progress, there are still many differences. As for the photovoltaic industry, multiple trade barriers such as the "double anti" of the European Union and the "double anti" of the United States have been gradually built, the International Photovoltaic trade situation is chaotic, and the overseas export of China's photovoltaic products has been frequently obstructed

it is worth noting that, in addition to the United States and the European Union, India and Turkey have also announced that they have launched a "double anti" investigation or made a ruling on China's photovoltaic products. The EU has continuously taken anti-dumping measures against Chinese steel products such as stainless steel pipe fittings and medium and thick steel plates, and China's photovoltaic "going out" has been blocked again, which is even worse for photovoltaic support enterprises

however, affected by frequent trade barriers in recent years, China's photovoltaic enterprises pay special attention to other markets. In the face of adverse international market environment, Shanghai ChenKe solar and other support enterprises turn their attention to emerging markets such as Thailand. In the future, these potential markets may bring more fierce competition to enterprises

high trade barriers build photovoltaic support enterprises to move to emerging markets

according to statistics, in the first half of 2017, China's photovoltaic product exports to the United States, Germany and the Netherlands fell sharply, of which, the year-on-year decline of 96.6% to the United States, 96.3% to Germany and 73.7% to the Netherlands. Correspondingly, exports to India increased by 67.3% year-on-year; Exports to Brazil, Mexico and other South American countries increased sharply, with year-on-year growth of 117.9% and 284.7%, and the potential of emerging markets is unlimited

at the same time, with the gradual expansion of China's domestic photovoltaic market and the diversification of photovoltaic products, the impact of both the United States and the European Union against domestic photovoltaic enterprises has been very limited, especially for photovoltaic support enterprises

according to wolf research of the United States, from 2013 to 2018, the market scale of photovoltaic support systems in North America is expected to grow by 67%, exceeding US $1.5 billion, of which the compound annual growth rate of the roof installation market is 17.5%. While providing new photovoltaic opportunities, there are also numerous rules, capital and technical barriers in the North American market. Therefore, the support enterprises represented by ChenKe gradually turned their attention to Thailand and other emerging markets in Southeast Asia

Thailand has high sunshine radiation throughout the year, and the northeast rural area has the largest degree of sunshine radiation. As of 2017, photovoltaic demand has shown an upward trend, with an increase potential of about 1GW. ChenKe actively opened the second place before considering the price differences of brands at the same level to expand emerging markets. In 201, it basically covered all kinds of imported wood pulp. In 7 years, it built a 4.8mw power station project of Thailand's industrial iron roof. In this project, aluminum alloy guide rail support series are used, together with ChenKe UL certified l-foot accessories, which is simple to install, convenient to construct, and saves man hours and installation costs. The main material of photovoltaic support is aluminum alloy, which has two circuits of position control and force control, and the weight is relatively light, which can reduce the load on the roof

in addition, ChenKe's product quality is universal all over the world. ChenKe's bracket series products have been used in the American commercial roof 150KW bracket with S5 fixture power generation project, Fukuoka iron roof 500kW in Japan, and Dubai commercial roof 650kw in the United Arab Emirates

photovoltaic support enterprises that attach equal importance to quality and service will break through.

at present, China's photovoltaic subsidies tend to decline, and realizing cost reduction and efficiency increase has become the top priority of photovoltaic owners. At the present stage of the development of China's photovoltaic industry, most of the technological innovation has entered the bottleneck period, and it is difficult to make a major breakthrough in a short time. Under the existing technical conditions, to increase the power generation of photovoltaic power stations and obtain higher income, photovoltaic supports seem to have more potential to break through

as a key component of photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic supports have a series of problems, such as unreasonable design, substandard quality, and poor weather resistance, which will bring fatal blows to photovoltaic power stations. Photovoltaic power stations are destroyed by the wind, components are scattered on the ground, and supports are seriously distorted... Such scenes are not uncommon, and photovoltaic support enterprises will continue to look for ways to break through

facing the situation that photovoltaic supports still face many challenges, Shanghai ChenKe solar energy relies on market development, based on customer needs, and by providing professional customized support solutions and products, it has become a leading photovoltaic support enterprise in China. Its products meet the ul2703, UL1703, as1170 global certification system standards, and have passed the ISO-9001 management system certification, and have cooperated with Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Kyocera Bosch and other world-renowned enterprises have established long-term cooperative relations

in 2010, ChenKe successfully entered the photovoltaic industry circle by relying on its own advantages and became a high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production, sales, installation and after-sales service of photovoltaic support system. The company undertakes technological innovation and social progress. At present, it has a production scale of 1000MW photovoltaic roof support and 1200mW photovoltaic ground support. Support products are applied to tile roof, iron roof, flat roof, ground and other fields

the entry threshold of photovoltaic support enterprises is low, and a large number of non professional enterprises crowd in, followed by fierce market competition. For the production of photovoltaic supports, ChenKe has its own unique "support experience", which pays more attention to customized services while paying attention to product quality. It is understood that ChenKe bracket can choose different installation components and systems according to the specific installation environment, which has wide applicability; All products are highly pre assembled, and the structural analysis is reliable and durable, which can be installed quickly and save labor costs; The materials used are anti-corrosion and rust proof. 1. Nano clay can provide special design with full consideration of local natural conditions. It has good wind resistance, snow pressure resistance and other properties, and can effectively ensure the safe and stable operation of photovoltaic power stations

small brackets support the big backbone. Photovoltaic brackets are no longer "out of favor"

with the development and progress of photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic power generation projects can be described as blooming everywhere. Photovoltaic power generation projects have large investment scale, long operation cycle and high technical level requirements. Each link is related to the future power generation efficiency and income of the power station, otherwise it will cause the short board effect of the "barrel theory"

for photovoltaic supports, they are often in an embarrassing situation of "falling out of favor". The bracket accounts for a small proportion in the whole cost composition of photovoltaic system, accounting for about 11% of the cost of photovoltaic power generation system. At the same time, in the process of photovoltaic power station construction, it is often despised due to many factors, such as low technology content, long road transportation, low capital flow rate and low profit

however, for photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic supports should not be underestimated. Whether it is a ground-based centralized power station or a distributed photovoltaic power station, it is inseparable from the "skeleton" of the whole power station - Photovoltaic support. The photovoltaic support carries the main task of the power generation of the whole power station. The installation angle, orientation and arrangement of the support not only affect the power generation safety and power output of the whole photovoltaic power generation system, but also are very important to improve the land utilization rate, reduce the basic cost and later operation and maintenance cost

with the growing maturity of China's photovoltaic market and the continuous improvement of technology, the space for cost reduction of inverters, modules, etc. is becoming smaller, and the market demand and important role of the bracket are receiving more and more attention. As the "backbone" of photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic brackets will lead photovoltaic enterprises to "go global"

in both domestic and international markets, photovoltaic enterprises are like "game players" entering the market one after another. There are more and more "game playing methods" in the photovoltaic industry. Only by constantly adapting to "game changes" and changing "game strategies" in time can they become the real "King". Photovoltaic supports are becoming an important means to change the profitability and competitiveness of photovoltaic power generation systems. In the future, photovoltaic support enterprises such as Shanghai ChenKe solar energy will be able to support China's photovoltaic industry

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