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The globalization vision leads the rapid growth of Enterprises -- the eighth highlight of the 2012 IAS exhibition

improve the technical level of national industry with the globalization technology vision

with the rise of national science and technology, the progressiveness of technology plays an increasingly important role in the competitiveness of national enterprises. Only by standing on the technological basis of global industrial development and making breakthroughs and innovations in national industrial technology, can national industry have a leading influence in the world. Since its establishment, Nantah Aotuo has always taken a global technical vision as the foundation for the enterprise to settle down. The company takes technical talents as the source power of enterprise development, and independent intellectual property rights as the most important wealth of enterprise development. Therefore, the company's project research and development are carried out on the basis of a comprehensive search of global technology patents. On the one hand, it inherits the historical heritage of global industrial technology, on the other hand, it takes innovation and breakthrough as the technical highlights of the company's products, and forms its own technological wealth. In today's open society, in the spirit of taking doctrine, effective inheritance and development is the shortcut to our rapid rise and the only way to development

formulate market strategies and strategies from the perspective of the global industrial market

the relevant person in charge of Nantah Aotuo said that global technology means global market. When we have our own patented technology and our own special technical highlights, our market space should be global. Even if our phased market goal is around us, we still need to study the changes of the global market and grasp the dynamics of the global market. Only in this way can we have a long-term vision and a development plan for more than ten years or even more. Once our vision is opened, our competitors will not only be our partners, but also our peers all over the world are forcing us to develop and improve at a faster speed. Our market strategy and strategy will change accordingly

at the beginning of its establishment, NANDA Aotuo took holding high the banner of domestic PLC and building a national independent brand as its brand concept, and its strategic objectives and market strategies were all domestic oriented. However, we found that taking domestic PLC as the brand image, the regional limitations limited our development from the beginning. In the past, the homogenization and low-end image of domestic PLC has brought many restrictions to our market development. In the market, our customers will doubt our quality and cannot quickly win their trust. Therefore, in March, 2012, Nantah Aotuo timely proposed the brand concept adjustment of independent technology and intelligent control of the world, taking it as its own responsibility to build a world-class industrial control product. The company's medium and large-scale PLC products also meet such strategic needs in terms of technological progressiveness. Under this background, the market situation of Nantah Aotuo was quickly opened, and the redundant function of medium-sized PLC helped the company quickly enter the field of railway automation and coal mine automation. Many high-end engineering projects have adopted the PLC products of Nantah Aotuo. In the international market, partners like Toshiba of Japan also list Nantah Aotuo as a high-quality supplier. This is the new advantage brought to the company by strategic adjustment and strategic adjustment after the vision is opened

give full play to the flexible advantages of national enterprises in the growth period and strengthen customized development

have a long-term vision and steady steps. Nantah Aotuo has the determination and courage to compete with international brands, and has such technical strength, but there are still many differences between Nantah Aotuo and large enterprises with old brands in terms of market steps. Due to its late start and small scale, many large enterprises are facing market opportunities that they cannot or do not want to do; Flexibility and lightness have become the biggest advantages of NTU Aotuo's newly growing enterprises; Customized development is the most effective measure for NTU Aoto's technical response. The residue of Nantah decomposition is non-toxic and pollution-free. Aotuo proposed to carry out customized product development and provide an automated overall solution; According to Liu Jianbo, chairman of Anda technology, the market strategy of the case quickly met the needs of some special markets and quickly opened up the market situation for the company. It is a little wasteful for the company to replace the new machine of the thermal motor provided by Toshiba in Japan and invite special personnel to repair it. The special redundant PLC and DP slave module provided by the company, the special redundant PLC module provided for railway automation, and the feed switch special controller products provided for coal mine automation are typical cases of customized development. These customized development was carried out for some single customers in the early stage, and the unit cost will be higher. However, because we are grasping some market gaps, Nantah Aotuo will stand in front of others in these fields and form its own brand characteristics. Moreover, these proprietary markets are also developing rapidly, and there will soon be large-scale market opportunities to dilute early costs. Therefore, customized development is actually a flexible market strategy and an effective realization of the rapid response ability of growing enterprises

give full play to the geographical advantages of local enterprises and strengthen localized services

take a global view and base on the local market. From a geographical perspective, the domestic market is still the most familiar market for local PLC enterprises. Local enterprises have a stronger grasp of the needs of domestic customers than overseas brands, and the application of policies will be faster. Especially in the current environment in which the state vigorously supports independent innovation of national enterprises, local enterprises have more space than overseas brands. In some government procurement projects of solutions to the problems of hydraulic universal testing machines, local enterprises will have greater advantages in some fields involving national strategic security. In order to strengthen the localization advantage, Nantah Aotuo has increased its research on local industrial policies. The company's R & D projects and industrialization projects can quickly obtain the support of governments at all levels, and the market team and technical team can also effectively respond to the business needs of all regions; At the same time, the company has set up local service teams in key regions across the country to provide customer-oriented services, reduce outsourcing links, and ensure close and personal services to customer needs

we are glad to see that a large number of local enterprises with rapid growth, such as Nantah Alto, will make a wonderful appearance at this Industrial Expo. Led by such enterprises, the rise of national industrial control industry is giving a strong voice to the global market. Look at the global market and support national industrial control. Let's go to the site of the Industrial Expo, starting from the d073 NANDA Aotuo booth in hall W1, to appreciate the style of our national industrial control industry

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