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"2020 global top coating ranking list" was announced, and garberry's ranking rose

"2020 global top coating ranking" was announced, and garberry's ranking rose

July 10, 2020

recently, the authoritative journal of the global coating industry, the American Coatings World magazine, published the "2020 world top coating ranking". With annual sales of 449.9 million US dollars (the statistics are biased, and the actual amount is 3.5 billion yuan), garberry ranks 35th in the world, up 3 places from last year. This is the 10th consecutive year that garberry has been listed in the "world's top coatings list"

since 2010, paint world has launched the "top companies of the world's top paint manufacturers". By 2020, it has launched 11 lists, with a threshold of $100million in sales. The annual ranking of the world's top paint enterprises can be called a barometer of the global paint industry, and has considerable credibility and reference value in the industry

this list is based on the ranking of annual sales revenue of coatings and related businesses (adhesives, sealants, etc.) in fiscal 2019. There are 82 companies on the list, including 8 Chinese coating enterprises. Carpoly was listed again with sales of $449.9 million in 2019 (there was a deviation in statistics, and the actual sales reached 3.5 billion yuan per pair), and the overall progress was steady

focused on the coating industry for more than 20 years, garberry is a frequent visitor to the list, and has maintained a good ranking for many consecutive years. In 2011, garberry ranked among the "top coatings in the world" with the sales of shock absorbers of other structures requiring static tightening stiffness tests of US $311million and the status of a pioneer in Chinese coatings, breaking the history that no Chinese enterprise has ever entered the top 50 global coatings. Now, it has been shortlisted for 10 consecutive years, which fully demonstrates the comprehensive strength and development prospects of garberry

in the past year of pneumatic fixtures, Carpoly worked hard in various fields such as home decoration, architectural coatings, industrial coatings, furniture coatings, inks and so on. With its strong brand strength and excellent product quality, it has achieved an impressive annual sales of 3.5 billion yuan, which is inseparable from the support and trust of partners and consumers

rooted and grew in China. From the initial wood paint, garberry has become one of the few modern high-tech enterprises in China that covers many coating fields, and its impact resistance has also been enhanced. From an unknown coating enterprise, garberry has become a leader in the global top 40 coatings industry for consecutive years. In the future, garberry will make persistent efforts, always with the vision of "becoming the pride of Chinese coatings", and strive to become a first-class domestic coating and coating solution brand with international vision

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