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Global UAV conference: the global conference will be held in Chengdu regularly every year

West China Metropolis Daily (trainee Liu Xuqiang) in the afternoon of September 14, in the final stage of the 2018 global UAV Conference, ICAO announced the achievements of the conference and the future direction. The conference focused on the solutions of UAV and UAV sharing the blue sky and the improvement of UAV supervision system. Through this conference, the overall development of the field of unmanned aerial vehicles and related industries such as aviation manufacturing, big data and artificial intelligence has been strongly promoted. At the meeting, the "Chengdu initiative" was also read out, advocating that all sectors of society should promote the development of the UAV field in Chengdu from the aspects of exploring and giving play to the construction of UAV standards, the construction of macro service system, airspace management, technological innovation, and strengthening industry self-discipline

it is noted in the initiative that Sichuan Province will regularly hold a global drone conference in Chengdu every year under the guidance of the international civil aviation organization. The gathering of global industry elites is an opportunity for local governments and relevant units to promote the rapid development of local related industries' instruments that verify their quality or performance according to design requirements

in this conference, the integration of UAV and UAV has aroused extensive discussion. The relevant person in charge of Sichuan Provincial Commission of economy and information technology said: Sichuan has both a foundation and a complete industrial chain in the field of UAVs. Discussing the flight of UAVs and UAVs under the same blue sky will not only promote the development of the UAV field itself, but also bring great help to the overall Industrial Development from the fields of aviation manufacturing, big data, artificial intelligence and so on

Stephen krimer, director of the navigation bureau of the international civil aviation organization, said that Sichuan is in an important position in the field of UAV industry innovation and has the ability to continue to hold an international UAV conference. He said: on the one hand, what Sichuan drone industry most desires is flexible financing channels and methods, and the industry has a solid foundation and rapid development; On the other hand, Sichuan also continues to explore in the field of cutting-edge technological innovation in the UAV industry, and its international cooperation and exchange are at a high level. ICAO will also be closely involved in this activity

the biggest benefit of this conference to enterprises is to promote the resolution of UAV supervision. Only by further improving the regulatory system can UAVs fly better. Ren bin, President of Chengdu UAV Industry Association, said: this conference will benchmark our UAV regulatory system with the international community. Next, as long as the entire regulatory system is established according to the global idea and airspace division is carried out, UAVs can be used in mapping, power line patrol, safety prevention and control and other fields. Songyanping, deputy general manager of Sichuan tengdun Technology Co., Ltd., said: once the functional departments have complete regulations on the top-level design of UAV development, the subsequent development of the enterprise will have rules to follow

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