The hottest global tire market enters the downward

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The global tire market has entered a downward channel

recently, the 2015 global tire top 75 ranking organized by the U.S. tire business was announced. From the performance analysis of the shortlisted tire enterprises, the global tire market entered the downward channel after two years of lag, and the sales fell by 3.8%. Operating income and net profit still increased, but the increase rate decreased. The ranking of world tire enterprises has not changed much, and mergers rarely occur. After years of continuous growth, tire investment has declined, and the investment has a trend of transferring to Asia

at present, the prices of rubber and crude oil are at a historical low, and the price of tires shows a downward trend. Tire business predicts that the world tire sales will continue to decline by 6% to 8% in 2015. At present, most tire manufacturers in the world weaken sales and focus on improving operating profits

ranking change can be made of round steel bars; As a rule, the top 75 global tires in 2015 are ranked according to the sales related to tire manufacturing in 2014. This year's ranking has not changed much. It was almost a replica of last year before the 17th place, and the 18th place only appeared. In the next century, South Korea rose from the 22nd place last year to the 18th place

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