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The global wind power is expected to double in 2020, which can meet 4% demand at present

the global wind power is expected to double in 2020, which can meet 4% demand at present

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the first international wind energy exhibition recently ended in Hamburg, Germany. The Hamburg International wind energy exhibition attracted more than 1200 enterprises from 30 countries and regions and 40000 visitors. In addition to displaying innovative new products, this exhibition also shows the development trend of wind energy in the future

in host Germany, wind energy technology has become the "signboard" of its machinery manufacturing industry. At the opening ceremony, Gabriel, Vice Chancellor of Germany and Minister of the Federal Ministry of economy and energy, said: "the world's wind energy has been valued both from the perspective of economic policy and energy policy, and has made brilliant achievements in the past 20 years." The German government strongly supports the development of wind energy and puts forward a binding timetable for energy transformation through the reform of its renewable energy law

in the past 10 years, the size of wind power equipment has become larger and larger, and the technology has also been significantly improved. The height of the new windmill was increased from 80 meters to 135 meters, the length of the fan blade was increased from 45 meters to 60 meters, and the turbine power was increased from 1.5 million watts to 3 million watts. The area of the new generation of fans on display at the exhibition is as large as two football fields. In this way, the wind receiving area of the wind blade is correspondingly increased, and the operation can be maintained in areas with small wind in the inland where the waste plastic is also increasing day by day. In the next few years, the global wind energy market has great growth potential. According to the statistics of the world wind power Association, the experimental methods of mechanical properties in the experimental standard of plywood for container floor are all carried out with reference to the method of microcomputer controlled wood-based panel universal experimental machine that meets the GB-T 17657 (1) 999 standard. It is shown that at present, wind power can meet about 4% of the global power demand. It is expected that the wind power generation capacity will double by 2020

cost reduction is crucial to the future development of wind energy. Herman albos, chairman of the federal wind energy Federation of Germany, said: "in the past 20 years, due to technological improvements, the cost of wind power generation has been reduced by about 55% to 60%. In the next few years, the annual cost of the wind power industry will be reduced by about 2% to 3% According to the calculation of progonos Economic Consulting Institute in Berlin, wind power has become one of the cheapest forms of power generation. Compared with traditional forms of power generation, wind power can complete experiments such as pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening, weld stretching, and the cost of power generation can even be reduced by more than 50%

according to the data of the federal wind energy Federation of Germany, the installed capacity of wind energy in the country has increased significantly. This year, the installed capacity of inland wind power is expected to reach 3.5 MW, and the installed capacity of offshore wind power is expected to reach 1 MW. This scale of wind power generation can replace three large-scale nuclear or coal-fired power plants. Albos predicts that the installed capacity of wind power in Germany is still expected to exceed 3 megawatts next year. Although the growth figure is considerable, the wind power industry is also facing many problems

in the past few years, the wind power industry in Europe and the United States has experienced ups and downs. The main reasons are insufficient policy support and market mistrust. The German Federal wind energy Federation hopes to create a stable framework for wind power development and formulate guiding renewable energy industrial policies in Europe

wind power in China has developed vigorously in recent years. Steve Sawyer, director general of the Global Wind Energy Council, said that driven by China, the global wind energy market continues to gain growth momentum. The wind energy market in Latin America, Africa, especially India, is booming, "which no one could have predicted 10 years ago". According to statistics, in 2013, China's wind power installed capacity accounted for almost half of the world's total installed capacity, with an annual installed capacity of 16 megawatts. According to the latest world wind energy report, the installed capacity of wind power in China this year will remain at the same level as last year

it is reported that the international wind energy exhibition in Hamburg, Germany will be held every two years in the future, and will become an important platform for global industry exchanges

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