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Global top auto enterprise projects +1! ZhuoBao waterproof, "Volkswagen" rest assured

global top auto enterprise project +1! ZhuoBao waterproof, "Volkswagen" rest assured

May 17, 2021

Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, oppo Over the years, ZhuoBao has been able to send signals to many famous enterprises. Now, ZhuoBao has added a "newcomer" - SAIC Volkswagen to its engineering list

after entering China in 1984, SAIC Volkswagen has continuously exported high-quality automotive products to the Chinese market, with a cumulative sales volume of more than 22million, which can be said to be one of the best automotive enterprises in China. Facing the continuous upgrading of automobile consumption in recent years, SAIC Volkswagen is also constantly exploring brand upgrading and product upgrading

in order to further improve its R & D strength and innovation ability, SAIC increased its investment in R & D infrastructure and test equipment. ZhuoBao participated in the construction of SAIC Volkswagen Technology Management Center (phase II), the core R & D base of Volkswagen Group for the Chinese and North American markets

SAIC Volkswagen Technology Management Center (phase II) is located in the north of Cao'an road in Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai and east of Tian Road. With a total construction area of 75000 square meters and a building height of 42 meters, the main frame structure is divided into 8 floors and 3 floors of the main building. It is responsible for the management, control and operation of the entire Shanghai Volkswagen China area

ZhuoBao "pasting" waterproof system, To "Volkswagen" quality guard

"paste must + paint must" waterproof service system

project information

Project Name: SAIC Volkswagen Technology Management Center (phase II)

construction site: roof

construction area: 7000 square meters

materials used:

4mm thick BAC root puncture waterproof coiled material +2mm thick paint must

1.5mm thick bac-p self-adhesive waterproof coiled material +2mm thick coating

construction time: June 2019

General Contractor: Shanghai Zhuzong group construction and Development Co., Ltd.

planting roof, BAC root resistant puncture to prop up energy-saving "oasis"

this project has some planting roof design, and the adverse impact of root system on waterproof layer and structure during plant growth needs to be considered when waterproofing. Therefore, ZhuoBao used a 4mm thick BAC root puncture waterproof roll, including our body material +2mm thick coated with a certain waterproof coating to make a waterproof layer

the BAC root puncture resistant self-adhesive waterproof coiled material of ZhuoBao paste is a self-adhesive modified asphalt coiled material made of long fiber polyester felt as the reinforced tire base, self-adhesive modified asphalt added with imported chemical root blocking agent as the coating material, and both sides are covered with isolation materials. It has the characteristics of good overall stability, excellent self-healing performance, reliable and convenient splicing, etc. As early as 2013, it passed the special root puncture test of waterproof coiled material for roof planted by Beijing Institute of landscape architecture, which can effectively prevent the penetration of plant roots without affecting the normal growth of plants

the waterproof coiled material can be firmly bonded with cement (sand) slurry or rubber asphalt coating to prevent water channeling and realize "skin type" waterproof

professional construction, the complex roof is still beautifully protected

the roof of the project is complex and has many nodes, but ZhuoBao's waterproof material has strong adaptability to the original base surface. Coupled with the professional experience of the construction team, the detailed treatment is very fine and standard, and there is no leak in the closed water test. Both Party A and the general contractor said: very satisfied

node processing diagram of the construction site

as the core business system of ZhuoBao, ZhuoBao Tieyi + tuyi waterproof service system not only carries the brand pursuit of ZhuoBao - to be the leader of "high-quality" waterproof system, but also a concrete representative of ZhuoBao's mission of "being a waterproof worker that does not leak for social risks. If the stretching amount is too high, it will produce a head, middle and tail scale error process, and protect human poetic and peaceful residence"

since the launch of Tiebing + tubing waterproof service system on the market, there have been more than 3000 construction projects, which are widely recognized by customers. This time, it is favored by famous enterprises and waterproof the "Volkswagen" technology management center. ZhuoBao is very relieved. In the future, ZhuoBao will continue to build quality by standards, set benchmarks by quality, and make a waterproof "protective cover" for green buildings. Please look forward to it

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