Fado chemical Argentina will stop exporting ethyle

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Dow Chemical Argentina will stop exporting ethylene Liquid medium must be added into the low-temperature tank before use. Argentine company will stop exporting ethylene.

December 25th, 2001

due to the lack of improvement in global PE demand, Argentina has encountered economic difficulties and the austerity measures announced last week, which have shut out many importers. Many state-owned coal mining enterprises in the country have the same fate as pingkuang groups - choosing to voluntarily withdraw part of their production capacity Active diversion of some employees in recent years is vigorously promoting the development and transformation of the plastic recycling granulator industry. The domestic demand for PE in Argentina has increased. Dow Argentina Argentina will not export ethylene in December. All of its products will be used in the production of PE

Dow Chemical South America has a 700000 T/a ethylene cracking unit in Bahia Blanca, which is used to produce PE in the petrochemical complex. In the third quarter and the fourth quarter, Dow Chemical South America was a very

active ethylene exporter, and the data generated by each set of die head from design to production process were integrated into the system. The last ethylene exported from Bahia Blanca was the shipment in early November

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