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Cru: the global consumption of metal cables will reach 18.9 million tons in 2018

[cable news] the demand of the global insulated wire market increased 1 in 2017, not to mention the data analysis of 9% to $161 billion. The restorative growth in 2017 was mainly due to the improvement of the external economic environment, industrial policies and the stability of the political situation. At the same time, the rise in base metal prices has supported the insulated wire and cable market. Hadrien Guillotin, an analyst of CRU wire and cable market, a commodity research institution, said at the 2018 China wire and cable industry conference

according to Hadrien Guillotin, in 2017, low-voltage power cables accounted for 40% of the total annual market demand for insulated wires and cables, followed by copper conductor power cables, accounting for 25%, winding wires, 15%, data cables, 10%, aluminum conductor power cables, 8% and communication cables, 2%

on the whole, construction, public utilities, transportation and industry are the four application fields of cables. Specifically, it can be divided into wedge-shaped fixtures (referring to fixtures with inclined locking principle structure), counter clamping fixtures (referring to fixtures with single-sided or double-sided rib top tightening principle structure), winding fixtures (referring to fixtures with samples locked by winding), eccentric fixtures (referring to fixtures with eccentric locking principle structure), lever fixtures (referring to fixtures with lever force amplification principle structure), shoulder fixtures (referring to fixtures suitable for shoulder samples) Bolt type fixture (refers to the fixture suitable for testing rib strength of bolts, screws, studs, etc.) 90 ° stripping fixture (it refers to that it is suitable for two samples to carry out the sag. Public utilities power is the largest application field of energy cables, accounting for 50%; building is the largest application field of communication cables, accounting for 64%, and industry is the largest application field of winding wires, accounting for 65%. From the perspective of conductor consumption, buildings account for 39% of the total consumption, followed by public utilities, accounting for 26%, industry for 24%, and transportation for 11% when using the experimental machine 。

on the other hand, from the perspective of metal cables, global demand increased by 3.4% to 18.3 million tons in 2017. Since 2012, the average demand growth rate has reached 2.8%, almost half of the annual average growth rate. Especially in 2009, the global financial crisis led to a 7.6% decline in the demand for metal cables that year

China is the largest single demand market in the world. In 2017, China's wire and cable consumption accounted for 34% of the global total (calculated by the conductor weight of metal cables), with North America accounting for 12%, Western Europe for 12%, Eastern Europe for 5%, India for 7%, and ASEAN for 5%

from the perspective of manufacturers, the world's largest cable manufacturers are still concentrated in developed countries. According to the statistics of the output value of insulated cable enterprises in 2017, cable manufacturers with more than $3billion include Prysmian (US $8billion), nexen (US $6billion), South line (US $5.2 billion), general cable (US $3.9 billion), Sumitomo Electric (US $3.7 billion), CommScope cable (US $3.5 billion)

it is estimated that the global consumption of metal cables will reach 18.9 million tons in 2018. Among them, China is expected to increase by 3.5% to 6.5 million tons, and India will continue to maintain a growth rate of about 7% to 120 million tons. Nike will make efforts in many aspects from the product itself, the production mode of the product and the business operation mode, accounting for about 1.2 million tons. The Gulf Cooperation Council and Turkey account for about 1.2 million tons, ASEAN accounts for about 900000 tons, Africa accounts for about 700000 tons, and South America accounts for about 600000 tons. It can be seen that in 2018, the growth of wires and cables in emerging markets such as India, the Middle East and South America was the strongest. It is estimated that China, India and Northeast Asia account for nearly 50% of global wire and cable consumption

hadrien Guillotin believes that the output value of the global wire and cable market will continue to grow in 2018. With the promotion of the made in China 2025 plan, China is moving towards a higher value market. It is expected that China's cable industry will maintain a steady growth rate of about 3%, although it is lower than the previous growth rate of 5%. However, with the emergence of trade frictions, the tariffs imposed by the United States on China are generally concentrated on products that benefit from the made in China 2025 strategic plan. Therefore, the uncertainty of trade war on sustainable development still exists

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